First, I will like to say a big Congratulations! Fantastic news.  Second, the hard work starts now :-). Preparing for a wedding is a challenging job but also rewarding. Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most important purchases you will make. Although all the other ‘pieces’ in the wedding jigsaw are similarly important; groom suit, bridesmaids, best man, cake, flowers, photographer, band etc. the wedding dress is the top of the list. Hence, I highly advise to research online and buy few wedding mags, like Bride, Your Wedding ..etc - and think about what dress you would like, well in advance.

Having a bespoke wedding dress made for you is the best way to make sure that you will have the dress you always wanted and it fits you perfectly. Another good reason to have a dress made is that you will be part of making your wedding dress. We will be working together as a team to make sure every stitch, every cut and every little detail is where it should be, to make the dress perfect. You will decide what fabric – I will provide you with various fabric swatches based on likes and dislikes – what trims and haberdasheries will go on the dress to make it sublime.  

I can design and create a range of stunning wedding dresses and with your help I'm sure I can make that ‘special one’ for you and only you; from classic wedding dresses to fairy princesses wedding dresses. From suit wedding dresses, full skirt wedding dresses, A-line wedding dresses, knee length wedding dresses and floor length wedding dresses to Avant-Garde wedding dress. The whole process of sourcing a wedding dress is fantastic and thrilling and I hope you will have a wonderful time, having it made or buy off-the-peg.  Congrats!

Planning your wedding - GUIDE*

If you are organising your wedding and need a helping hand check my wedding guide.  My only advise is to set yourself deadlines and tick off each task as you complete it. I'm sure they will be other things that can be added to the list as organising a wedding is one of the biggest challenge of your life. Good luck. 

From 24 months before your wedding day

-          After you accept the marriage proposal your next step will be to decide the date and place of your wedding.
-          Think if you wish a traditional, informal or themed wedding and start a list/guide
-          The Dress - Start searching on internet; buy few bride mags and perhaps you should visit few wedding shops as well that will give you time to make your mind if you cannot find what you like you have plenty of time to get in touch with a dress designer/dressmaker
-          Search for a photographer and/or videographer and let them know if you want anything special taken on the day
-          Shop around for insurance before you pay any deposits…just in case.
-          Start with a guest list and check who needs help with travel arrangements as well as accommodation; you will have the let them know as soon as you can so they can make their own family/work/children arrangements.
-          Think if you want to have a child free wedding
-          Make sure you know who has food/hay allergy or celiac and who is vegetarian.   

From 12 months before your wedding day

-          Choosing your bridesmaids and Best Man will be a good idea; they will have plenty time to adjust to their new responsibilities
-          Now is the time to look and book the things you will need for your perfect wedding. But before you book anything make sure you have checked and double checked the service providers credentials, reputation and validity so you don’t find yourself with a deposit paid and no service on the day. Friends of your friends as well as your family are a great source of information, who is good, professional and reliable and who is…not.

o   Dress, if you have it made now is the time to speak to a dress designer/dressmaker; if not book from a wedding dress shop and look around for bridesmaid dresses, flower girls and page boy
o   Check and book if necessary, groom’s outfit plus shoes
o   Underwear
o   Shoes
o   Make-up artist and beautician
o   Hair
o   Nails
o   Tanning saloon for a top up – if required
o   Marriage licence with local registrar if you plan a civil ceremony if not with a vicar
o   Catering – don’t forget about food allergies and vegetarians
o   Photographer
o   Videographer
o   Florist
o   Cake
o   Transport
o   Toastmaster if you need one
o   Marquee or hotel
o   Band or DJ
o   Honeymoon and Apply for passports if you go abroad

From 9 months to your wedding day

-          Check and book your wedding rings. Plenty of time if the rings are custom made or the rings need inscriptions
-          wedding invitations. Shop and book a stationary company who can help you with all is required; from wedding invitations to table cards to thank you notes.
-          Double check that your Groom, Best Man, Fathers, Ushers and page boy have their suits and accessories ordered
-          Investigate decoration for the reception. Some hotels offer everything as a wedding package – from catering to dressing the reception room to band and stationary but some will give you the option to do it all, yourself.
-          Book fireworks if you are allowed. Some hotel or venue providers don’t allow for health and safety reasons but …worth a try.
-          Book your dentist to make sure all is done in plenty of time.
-          Review your checklist and keep your chief bride informed.

From 4 months to your wedding day

-          Keep on track with the dress; keep up with the fittings or keep an eye on the shop if dress has been ordered
-          If you haven’t had a chance to choose a cake now is the time to choose one; fruit, sponge, chocolate ...etc
-          Have a chat with your vicar about hymns, choir, bells and arrange for a rehearsal

From 2 months to your wedding day

-          If you wedding dress is finished or arrived from your shop, try it again to make sure a. Is the right dress and b. it fits you as it should
-          Send out your wedding invitation and keep a record of who RSVP and who hasn’t.
-          Book accommodation for last minute guests and print them a map with directions to your venue
-          Write your vowels
-          Double check with your fiancée that the best man has started on his speech
-          Double check with your fiancée if you need any presents for friends and family
-          Arrange for a make-up, hair and head piece trial

From 2 weeks to your wedding day

-          Review your checklist
-          Hopefully you have received all RSVP’s by now
-          Book your tanning session
-          Book your hen/stag night
-          Prepare seating plan
-          Pick your wedding gown if you haven’t by now
-          Let your caterer know your final guest list
-          Book a spa treatment for the day
-          With all this organising don’t forget to hydrate and to sleep well for a beautiful skin


From 3 days before your wedding

-          Have your facial and your last beauty treatment done
-          Manicure and pedicure done
-          Start packing for your honeymoon
-          Delegate as much as you can, to friends and family; and try and spend some quality time with them before you start another chapter :-)


On the day of your wedding

ENJOY, and have a fantastic day!!

*Please note that the above information is to be used as a guideline only. All are based on my personal experience as a bride as well as a wedding dress designer/dressmaker for more than 15 years. Every wedding is different, make yours...unforgettable. Good luck.